News 13 january 2017

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

Jumanazar Annayev stresses the attention of the electorate of Ahal Velayat on priority aspects of his programmes

Working biography of the candidate, who was nominated by the initiative group of citizens and who made his way from the worker of the farmer’s association to Deputy Hyakim of the velayat, to the highest government position was presented in details.

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President of Turkmenistan defined prospects of country’s development for 2017 at extended meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

As has been noted by the Head of state, the country has finished last year with good results. Turkmenistan has followed the principles of neutrality, peace, good neighborliness and mutually beneficial cooperation, progress and milestones set for implementation of the program of large-scale transformation and socio-economic development have been achieved.

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An expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan took place

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Macroeconomic indicators of socio-economic status of the country have been announced, and reports on the execution of State Budget in 2016 and implementation of national programs, including the five-year program for development of industries and increase of production of import-substituting goods and export of domestic products have been represented.

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

Candidate for President’s position Maksat Annanepesov meets the electorate in Balkan Velayat

The participants of the meeting was familiarized with working biography, personal and business features of the candidate, who was nominated by the initiative group of the citizens. The Authorized representative characterized M. Annnanepesov as deserving, honour and competent individual with good organization skills and active civil stance.


The growth of main macroeconomic indices is registered in Turkmenistan in 2016

According to the reports of ministries and branch departments, generally, the production increased for 3.3 percent comparing with 2015. Almost all branches of the economy achieved high production indicators.

2017 Asian

Turkmen track and field athletes train for participation in the series of international tournaments and V Asian Games

Evgeniy Ivannikov

- The brightest sport event of the last year was Rio 2016, where runner Elena Ryabova and hummer thrower Tejen Hommadov represented our country. The anxiety did not allow them to show their best results and unfortunately, little competition experience played the role.


International treaty framework of Turkmenistan cooperation is supplemented by 138 bilateral documents in 2016

In 2016, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov hold the meetings with the head of the states and governments of Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Germany, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Russia, Palestine. 138 bilateral documents opening new opportunities for interstate partnership were signed by the outcomes of the negotiations.