News 2 january 2017

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Turkmenistan launches a website:


The clearly structured website of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda provides as easy access to the legislative acts and news items. The Election Code of Turkmenistan presented under the section “Legislation”, the section “Library” presents the comments to the legislative specifics of the national election system, the guidelines for the election commissions in Ashgabat and regions of the country as well as the samples of blanks.


President of Turkmenistan sends condolences to President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

“Resolutely opposing all forms of terrorism and extremism, Turkmenistan supports the efforts of the world community to counteract this evil”, said the President of Turkmenistan.


A. S. Pushkin State Russian Drama Theatre presented renewed play by Nadejda Ptushkina “Do not go away”

Tamara Glazunova,
photo by Dmitry Gorshkov

It was not to interpret new meaning of the paly, - play director, Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan Nataly Laukert said, - and we renewed the play only because of some artists have grown out of their roles. And yet some changes happened during the work process. We tried to emphasize deeper the emotional message of the play and owing to Anna Andronova, which played as Tanya, we managed to achieve this. I am happy with the work of Ayna Jumayeva, who played Dina. This role opened another side of the talent of young actress. Mikhail Rogov, who represented striking and charming Igor, played his role magnificently. The Honoured Actress of Turkmenistan Svetlana Troitskaya played Sofya ...