News 4 january 2017


Multifunctional sport and health-improving complex works in the structure of Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex

Mikhail Bobkin

There are playgrounds on the territory of the refinery, Shagadam multifunctional stadium and cultural and sport complex in the centre of Turkmenbashy, sanatorium resort in Avaza National tourist zone. Trophies and medals, won by petroleum processors in different competitions, are displayed in the room of sport glory.

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

The policy statement of the candidate for the Presidential post in Turkmenistan, Head of the Department of Economy and Development of Ahal welayat, Jelilov Serdar Begmuhammedovich

Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan, pursuing the path of reforms and progress in the era of power and happiness, has in the past 25 years of sacred independence achieved great success. Today our fatherland is steadily moving forward towards new highly set goals.


International ornithology expedition counts population of grey cranes, which migrate from Siberia to India

Marstal Bektasov,
photo by the author and Atamurat Veyisov

Ecological action gathered pupils and teachers of several schools of the etrap. The hosts prepared topical concert programme. Outcomes of the contest of children paintings, dedicated to grey crane, were summed up during the event. 74 works were presented to the competent jury. The best works was defined not only by the drawing technique but also by relaization of the subject of interrelations between the human and nature. Documentary “Durnaly – crane paradise”, made by Turkmen filmmakers in Ahal velayat, was demonstrated. Exhibition of books, booklets and brochures on cranes and other bird species and nature of Turkmenistan was organized.