News 4 february 2017

In the spotlight

National Parliament adopts the Bills developed for improvement of legal framework

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

According to the agenda, the Draft Law of Turkmenistan “On Industrial Safety at Production Facilities” was brought for review by the parliamentarians. During the discussion of the document, it was noted that the Law defines legal, economic and social aspects of provision of safe operations of dangerous production facilities. The Law is aimed at prevention of incidents and readiness of the organizations operating dangerous facilities for localization and operational response of possible accidents.


Sixteen transactions were registered during the trades of the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

For manats, businessmen from Pakistan purchased sarja wool to the amount of more than 94 000 manats.

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

Suleimannepes Nurnepesov answers the questions of Ashgabat electorate

Official representative of the candidate, nominated by the initiative group of the citizens, told the participants on the main milestones of S. Nurnepesov biography and characterized him as experienced and initiative leader.


The power output of Mary Hydropower Plant to increase double after commissioning of new combined steam and gas turbine power station

Alexey Chernyaev

Six power-generating units, four gas and two steam turbines of «General Electric» are the basis of new project. If now coefficient of performance of the power plant is average 34.2 percent, then during combined cycle, the COP reaches 57 percent. The volume of natural gas necessary for production of one kilowatt of energy will reduce from 380 to 216 grams. Steam and gas turbine power stations are attractive from ecological point of view as emission of carbon dioxide reduces considerably per each unit of produced energy.


Aspects of innovative education and succession in science are discussed during first session of the Young Scientists Centre

Victoria Novikova

The hosts of the session highlighted that it is important to implement the practices of elder generation of the scientists for attraction of the youth to research and study activity. The succession is one of the important terms of modernization of national scientific school.