News 7 february 2017

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

Durdygylych Orazov gives utterance to his election programme to the capital electorate

Official representative of the candidate introduced the biography D. Orazov, who was nominated by the Agrarian Party. Having characterized the candidate as initiative and business-like leader, who demonstrated organizational skills and professionalism in solution of assigned objectives, the representative highlighted personal qualities of the aspirant for the highest government position.

2017 Выборы Президента Туркменистана

The aspirants for the post of the Head of Turkmen State complete pre-election meetings

And on Sunday - on February 12, 2017 the polling stations will open their doors to citizens of the country who should make a choice in favor of the most worthy candidate for the President of Turkmenistan.

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The policy led by independent Turkmenistan is highly appreciated by international community

Having cordially congratulated all compatriots on this memorable event, the President of Turkmenistan made special mention that the fact of adoption of above-mentioned Resolution during the 71st UN General Assembly on February 2, 2017 re-stated universal importance of permanent neutrality of our Motherland. This document reflects crucial essence of the experience gained by our country in this direction for two and half decades. The UN General Assembly also emphasized that Turkmen neutrality is oriented at perspective as effective mechanism of successful relations and cooperation for support of universal peace and security.

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The 71st session of the UN General Assembly declares December 12 as International Neutrality Day

During the session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on February 7, the head of the State addressed the people of the country on occasion of the adoption of the Resolution on International Neutrality Day by the UN General Assembly.

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Outcomes of comprehensive development for January are reviewed during the session of the Cabinet of Ministers

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Speaking of the agenda of the session, Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that outcomes of work of branches of national economy for January as well as number of urgent issues of state life and projects of certain documents have to be reviewed during the session.


Volumes of retail turnover for the January exceeds similar indicator of the last year for 0n 17 percent

Growing volumes of trade turnover indicate improvement of life level of the population. By the results of 2016, among the branches rendering services to the population, the highest growth rate of gross added value of more than 14 percent was observed in trade.