News 21 march 2017

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Mary hosts main events of Novruz Holiday

State News Agency of Turkmenistan,
photo by Yuri Shkurin

The main events of this day were held in Mary at the square near «Türkmeniň ak öýi» centre for public and cultural events. The white yurt is Turkmen symbol of hospitality, original historical and cultural heritage and protection of its origins. The yurts, light portable constructions, which were used by our ancestors, can be met not only in rural areas but in the cities as well. They are being set up as bright ethnographic features during large celebrations.

In the spotlight

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates the compatriots in International Novruz Holiday

Today, Novruz Bayram, which roots go deep in the centuries-old history of humanity, promotes closing, understanding and mutual respect of the peoples and their increased unification. That is why, special Resolution of the UN General Assembly declared March 21 as International Novruz Day. Including of this holiday to the UNESCO Non-material World’s Heritage List highlights consolidating role of Novruz in the modern world. Erection of Dostlyk Monument in beautiful place of our land, the Yayla, on occasion of the spring holidays another bright evidence of our commitment to the goals of achievement of peace, friendship and brotherhood.