News 2 may 2017


More than 48 000 fruit trees are planted in specialized farms of Dashoguz Velayat

Batyr Urayev

Rational use of rich natural resources is a priority direction of the government policy. The development of horticulture has to promote provision of the population with ecological clean vitamin production and favourably affect the environment. During the working trip to Dashoguz Velayat in the beginning of the year, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that increase of production powers of the agro industrial complex, realization of import substitution programme, provision of the population with fresh fruits and vegetables around the year are most urgent aspects of the strategy of social and economic reforms.


US President Donald Trump: We will develop cooperation with Turkmenistan

“My friend Jack Nicklaus has recently come back from his visit to Ashgabat and told me about the beauty of Turkmenistan and warm hospitality of the people of Turkmenistan very much. American people and our business circles will continue to explore new areas for further cooperation with Turkmenistan”, – the letter of President Donald Trump says.


Aman Agajikov’s B Flat Minor Symphony sounds in Grand Hall of Turkmen National Conservatory

Tamara Glazunova,
photo by Yuri Shkurin

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan, Composer Aman Agajikov wrote his B Flat Minor symphony in 1971 in honour of the heroes of the war. One can divine the feelings that people had when they stood up to protect their land against treacherous enemy – anxious turmoil, heroism of the Motherland defenders, sorrow and grief for war victims and triumph of the Victory, which is significant event in national memory and history.

In the spotlight

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addresses the greetings to the participants of International Household Goods Exhibition

Under fundamental changes made in all spheres of national economy, we build new enterprises, which meet increased modern requirements. They made productions, which are on the stable demand in the world’s market.