News 14 july 2017


Prospectors of mineral resources call Uzynada a treasure island

Toyjan Borjakov

The prospectors of mineral resources called thus place a treasure island while researching it. The name justify the wealth of subsoil reserve. Special feature of Uzynada is that gas is located on the depth of red layer, which can be opened only by powerful drilling installation able to reach 7000 meters depth.


Ashgabat forms modern and ecological system of water supply

Zeynab Magomedova

Ashgabatagyzsuv Association takes care of the water supply of the capital. The city has circulated system of water supply. The water comes from drinking water plants and wells to the integrated water supply system. This allows delivering of 789 thousands cubic metres of water to the capital annually.


Turkmen ecologists discuss the fulfilment of Ramsar Convention

Mikhail Bobkin

During the presentation of methodological materials of the Ramsar Regional Initiative for the Central Asia, the activity of Working Group for fulfilment of the Ramsar Convention in Turkmenistan in 2016 -2017 was analysed. Inclusion of relative wetlands to the Ramsar List, their management, adjustment of the topography and scientific zoning were the main subjects of the discussion. Large attention was paid to ecological awareness of the population.


Hazar State Natural Reserve is 85 years old

Meredbibi Mamedkurbanova, Elena Dolgova

The start of the Caspian biodiversity protection was forestalled by Bern Congress in November 1913 in Switzerland where the scientists from different countries outlined priority objectives of protection of marine birds and mammals. Later, three natural reserves were founded in the Caspian Sea in different years on the territory of Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Esenguly Ornithological Reserve, now Hazar State Natural Reserve, strted its work in 1932 and after 40 years of work was awarded with special Diploma of International Council of Natural Protection for the level of scientific studies. In 1994, large part of Ogurjaly Island, 7 thousand hectares out of 9 thousand hectares of land area, was included into its territory.


Attraction of investments and increase of export capabilities are key elements of economic model

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Special emphasis was laid on support of the citizens in procurement of modern comfortable living. These subjects are in the centre of permanent attention of the Head of the State. Today, construction of living in the country reached unprecedented scale. By the outcomes of the first half of 2017, 623 500 square meters of comfortable housing were put into exploitation.