News 6 july 2017


Chinese companies evince interest in new joint projects in Turkmenistan

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Over 100 senior executives and specialists of leading companies and firms from different provinces of the PRC, including Qinghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and others, attended the three-day exhibition. A big number of exponents represented the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture of China.


Ambassador of Burkina Faso is accredited in Turkmenistan

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

In the course of the meeting, the diplomat was introduced to the major trends of Turkmenistan’s home and foreign policy, and to the social-economic reforms ongoing in the country. The reforms in the fields of science, education, sport and tourism received special emphasis.


President of the Swiss Confederation congratulated the President of Turkmenistan on the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations

Turkmenistan and Switzerland have much in common in the history of neutrality. Therefore, we have a special responsibility for ensuring the independence and security of our countries, as well as for contributing to a fair and positive world order.

In the spotlight

The Head of the State inspects the samples of sports outwear and decoration of Ashgabat on occasion of Asian Games

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

One month ago, on May 30, the Head of the State during his inspection of the Olympic village was presented with the samples of sportswear for Turkmen National team, personnel and volunteers of the Games. Few models were chosen from suggested items. Their final design taking into consideration the notes of the Head of the State were demonstrated today.


Turkmen medical students have practical works in Belarus

Victoria Novikova

At the beginning of five-year partnership of high medical school, the delegation of Turkmen university visited the university in Minsk where specific of educational process and activity of the departments was introduced to the guests. During the meetings, priority directions of cooperation, particularly the programme for improvement of qualification of the lecturers and exchange of the students, joint studies and development of scientific works were discussed.