News 11 august 2017


Olga Mizgiryova: Mysteries of work and destiny

Tamara Glazunova

In one of the articles dedicated to the work of Olga Mizgiryova, Deputy Director of the Museum Jennet Karanova called the art heritage of the artist as a drop in the richest painting collection but such a bright drop! Indeed, how expressive and colourful every curl on tender cheek of young beauty carrying waterskin in “The Heat” or refined arm of the carpet maker who thoroughly select the colour of the thread to the pattern of carpet in “The Art of Carpet Maker”.

2017 Asian

"Hyundai Engineering" - the official sponsor of the 5th Asian Games

Hyundai Engineering is a member of Hyundai Motor Group, one of the leading Korean companies, which operates on a global scale. In addition to participating in engineering projects in Turkmenistan since 2009, for many years the company has been involved in the development of Turkmen sports and is the official sponsor of the local football team "Chandybil".

2017 Asian

Milan Kotorac: Basketball team has all chances for success at V Asian Games

Doveltmurad Orazkuliyev

- Milan, you are the coach of national teams for more than half a year. What’s your impression of the work in Turkmenistan?


30-day countdown until the beginning of Asian Games is to be marked by ecological action

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The city administration of Ashgabat informed TDH that the traffic on the roads of the capital would be limited on Thursday, August 17 from 7:00 to 19:00. Private vehicles have to be parked at open and closed parking and only public transport will be available on the streets.


Competitiveness of Turkmen textiles - quality and ecological compatibility

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

By its natural and environmental conditions our country is a unique zone for cultivation of the most valuable grades of medium and fine-fibered cotton. And if at the start of formation of industry in independent neutral Turkmenistan no more than 3-4 per cent of all raw cotton was processed in the country, now its capacities are capable of processing more than half of raw cotton received from ginneries.

In the spotlight

The President of Turkmenistan congratulates command staff and personnel of border guard troops with the 25th anniversary of establishment of the Service

Being committed to the principles of neutrality, independent Turkmenistan invariably pursues the policy of peace, friendship and broad international cooperation. At the same time while being a sovereign state, the country carries out reforms based on the military doctrine for support of defence capability, improvement of facilities and equipment base of the army and training of highly qualified personnel.