News 3 august 2017

In the spotlight

The Head of State requests to provide the participants of Asian Games with food and trade services

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Speaking to the participants of the session, the Head of the State highlighted that all subjects of the coming large sports forum in Ashgabat, provision of trade and other services are an important aspect of preparation to the continental competitions and indicators of high level of organization.


Structural modernization of agricultural complex allows providing full cycle of crops production in the regions

Batyr Urayev

Dashoguz velayat is in the number of largest wheat producers in the country. Dynamic development of the branch raised the necessity of expansion and modernisation of stocking and processing infrastructure. Modern specialized enterprises built in the region allows storing large volumes of wheat without the loss of consumer features, process received harvest and provide the region with quality seeding material.


Young scientists develop automatic system for care of hothouse crops

Victoria Novikova

The innovation was tested and now successfully provides set level of humidity of soil and air, temperature and lighting intensity in experimental hothouse.


Scientific studies at Repetek Reserve have started 15 years before its foundation

Nurulla Tachnazarov, the Head of Department of Repetek State Natural Preserve

The fate of small station and reserve were closely related to the history of the region. In 1918, during the Civil War, the station was destroyed and only in 1925, natural protection and scientific research works were commenced there. The Reserve was established in 1937 under existing station and fulfilled the objectives for protection and study of natural dynamic of the main components of flora, fauna and desert landscapes as well as for restoration of unique saksaul forests.