News 4 august 2017

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The session of the Government analyses social and economic indicators for seven months

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Having announced the agenda, the Head of the State gave floor for report to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Hojamammedov who informed on the results of social and economic development of the country for the period under review. According to the indicators, the GDP has grown up for 6.4 percent including for 3.4 percent in industry, 3.9 percent in construction, 10.9 percent in transport and communication sphere, 9.3 percent in trade, 4.6 percent in agriculture, 10 percent in service sector.


The Day of the Caspian Sea is to be observed in Avaza on August 12

Organization and conduct of the events on occasion of the Day of the Caspian Sea are entrusted to the State Committee for Natural Protection and Land Resources, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Department on the Caspian Sea Affairs under the President of Turkmenistan and administration of Balkan Velayat.

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Official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan is to be held on August 8 - 9

By the outcomes of high-level talks, it is planned to sign number bilateral documents aimed at further activation and consolidation of beneficial partnership in priority directions.

2017 Asian

30-day countdown until the beginning of Asian Games is to be observed by ecological action and celebrations

The Day of Turkmen Melon is also appointed on August 17. Commissioning of number of new social facilities and objects of oil and gas complex as well as celebration concert are to be held on that day.


Mysterious symbols of carpet masterpieces

Ajap Bayriyev,
the ethnographer, candidate of historical science

The life of Turkmens was closely connected to the yurta. By filling its space with necessary household items and wares defining the originality and comfort of portable living, they tried subconsciously to harmonize the space with original decoration methods.


Capital’s Supermarkets to Serve Customers 24 Hours a Day

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The stores offer a wide variety of goods and services. The selection of food products comprises of various foods including fruits and vegetables; bread and bakery products; meats and sausages; dried fruits and sweets; juices, carbonated drinks and mineral water.


New buses and taxis replenishes Ashgabat fleet of vehicle

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

According to the TDH in the Ministry of Automobile Transport, according to contracts concluded recently only with world-famous companies, total of 840 vehicles have been purchased, of which 500 buses are of "Hyundai New Super Aero City" and 200 cars of "Toyota Corolla", 50 buses of the middle class of the brand "Yutong", 50 minibuses of the brand "Toyota Hiace", 40 large buses of the brand "Yutong".