News 25 september 2017

In the spotlight

Key aspects of the regions’ and capital development are reviewed at video conference session

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Heads of the velayats reported on the situation in the regions. Particularly, the information about winter crop sowing and cotton harvesting, construction of facilities and implementation of National rural programme as well as about preparation to public mass events dedicated to remarkable dates was presented.


The head of state made the personnel decisions

In accordance with the Resolutions of the head of state, Hoshgeldi Muhammetberdievich Mergenov was appointed as Deputy Minister of Industry of Turkmenistan; Oguljeren Amanmuhammedovna Atamyradova – deputy khyakim of Tejen city, Akhal velayat; Amanbili Meretmuhammedovna Atanazarova – deputy khyakim of Altyn Asyr etrap, Akhal velayat; Kerim Kakalyevich Kichiev – deputy khyakim of Sarakhs etrap, Akhal velayat; Surai Dovrangeldievna Jepbarova – deputy khyakim of Atamyrat etrap, Lebap velayat; Jemile Allaberdievna Muhammedova – deputy khyakim of Turkmenkala etrap, Mary velayat.


One of the structures which ensure a doping control in the Games, - British company «Trivandi Chanzo»

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan directly correlates sports movements to realisation of the goals of sustainable development directed to the maximum exposure of human potential, decision of global problems in the field of public health services, education, and creation of conditions for harmonious spiritual and physical training of individuals. President of the National Olympic Committee, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov defined important tasks of organization of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games with observance of Olympic principles, excluding of any application of doping means.


The Altyn Asyr Lake has a positive impact on the biodiversity of adjacent territories


According to the observations of the specialists of the Reserve, the new lands, as well as the safe conditions of seasonal migration, rich vegetation of the coast and large fish stocks, have contributed to increasing the number of water fowl flying through the Dashoguz lake. At the same time, the number of feathered birds, passing the winter there, also increases. So, the number of European coots has significantly increased in recent years on some reservoirs of the region.


Owasandepe – Ahal Velayat industrial centre


The first-born enterprise of the domestic heavy industry - the Türkmendemirönümleri company of the Ministry of Industry was put into operation in 2009. The factory produces building reinforcement of various diameters, as well as a wide range of angles and channels. It is considered the possibility to launch the industrial production of graphite from petroleum coke there. The first batch of this product has been already manufactured at the experimental unit installed at the enterprise.


The State of Margush: the crossroad of civilizations

These are the capital of the great Parthian Empire located in Ahal Velayat, historical province Dehistan in Balkan Velayat, the capital of Kunyaurgench Khanate in Dashoguz Velayat and Amul, one of key cities on the Great Silk Road in Lebap Velayat.

2017 Asian

Following the results of the 10th competition day, our team has won 23 medals, including 6 gold

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Currently the national team of Turkmenistan is an unprecedented leader in the overall medal standings of 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, having in its asset 229 medals all together, including 85 gold, 65 silver and 79 bronze.

2017 Asian

Over 500 Journalists from 82 Countries Provide Online Coverage of Ashgabat 2017 Games

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

537 journalists from 82 countries are working at the Center for International Broadcasting and Press. They have uninterrupted access to various communication channels and provide live coverage of Ashgabat 2017 Games.

2017 Asian

Number of medals won by Turkmenistan exceeds two hundred

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

At the moment, Turkmenistan team is leading confidently in total count having 206 medals including 79 gold, 58 silver and 69 bronze medals.


Vasiliy Shestakov: new page in the history of sambo

Yulia Gorkina

Sport sambo competitions will take place in six weight categories (62, 74 and 90 kg men and 65, 64 and 72 kg women) under the Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018.