News 3 february 2018


Oil products, textiles and extract of liquorice root became articles of exchange auctions

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

For the foreign currency businessmen from Afghanistan bought diesel fuel manufactured at Turkmenbashi oil refineries complex. Besides it, for the foreign currency knitted products, cotton yarn, dry extract of liquorice root, Portland cement was realised. The countries-buyers: Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan. The total sum of transactions exceeded 9 million 804 thousand US dollars.


High technologies improve the efficiency of oil wells

Amanmurad Kichikulov

The Nebitgazchikarysh Trust was founded on the base of Barsagelmes, Koturdepe and Kamyshlajy wells overhaul enterprises. Its objectives include the intensification of works for service of the oil wells and introduction of advanced technologies. More than 60 teams carry out works for strengthening of the borehole zone of the wells, repair of the malfunctions of the flow strings, shutdown of the water column, etc. at the deposits of Turkmen coast.


First in the country combined cycle gas turbine power station to be put into operation this year

Vladimir Komarov

New high technology installation of two energy blocks with total output capacity of 1574 MW will be put into operation this year for the first time in the history of the country and Central Asian region. The power station will operate 4 gas turbines, 4 utility vessel and 2 steam turbines. According to the contract, the facility is to be put into operation before the end of 2018.


Pictural stories from the history of the Great Silk Road


An exhibition of paintings by Turkmen artists dedicated to the Great Silk Road was opened in the capital's exhibition center. It is open by work of Shemshat Mammadova "Annau Mosque". On the canvas, Shemshat combined the past and the present with a glimpse of the magnificent panorama of the white marble Ashgabat from the symbolic pedestal of the historical and cultural heritage. The canvas opens a journey in ancient times, in which the Great Silk Road, according to the precise definition of the German explorer Ferdinand von Richthofen, was the archival event of the life of our great-great-grandfathers. Representatives of different countries came to the cities, bringing the shades of their original culture, enriching their perceptions ...


Students of the University of Engineering and Technology showed an interest in foreign poetry

Victoria Novikova

This choice is not accidental. Four masters of the poetic syllable are native speakers and studied by students of the Engineering and Technology University. The conducting such events makes it possible not only to enrich the vocabulary of the studied language, but also to join the cultural traditions of the people.


Innovative-Industrial Forum demonstrated the potential of the national economy

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The current review as an effective platform for presenting advanced scientific ideas and effective solutions from chief world leaders in the field of industrial development, exchange of experience has become an important step in the search for new directions and formats for productive interaction. The exhibition highlighted the great interest of the foreign business community in strengthening its positions in the Turkmen market, which today attracts attention with high dynamics of development, good opportunities for establishing and expanding partnership ties on a long-term basis.