News 6 february 2018

In the spotlight

ARETI International Group seeks to expand cooperation with Turkmenistan

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Appreciative of the audience and the opportunity to discuss vital issues of bilateral cooperation, the businessman highlighted his company’s keen interest in building up mutually rewarding contacts with Turkmenistan that enjoys rapid and sustained economic growth.


In Syunt-Hasardag is discovered a new kind of wild pear for Turkmenistan

Alexander PAVLENKO

We have four types of pears. In the wild, it looks like tree-like branched shrubs with small fruits. It is a rare endemic pear Turkmen, found in the gorges of the Sumbar valley, pear Buasie - endemic of Kopetdag and Syunt-Hasardag, as well as Regel's pear, unlike its counterparts, it is densely covered with thorns. It grows in Koytendag, still marked in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and China. Everyone knows the cultivated ordinary pear, many varieties of which are grown by Turkmen gardeners. However, it can also be found in the wild form in the gorges of the South-Western Kopetdag, as well as in northern Iran. Last year, during the botanical research and floristic revision of the ridge of Syunt-Hasardag was ...


Exposition in the Main Museum is dedicated to the history of the Great Silk Road


The dynamic plot, which unites the landmark symbols of the national heritage: a finest Turkmen carpet, a graceful Akhalteke horse, a hardy camel and a faithful Alabai that accompany the Turkmens throughout the course of history, symbolizes the indissoluble connection of the epochs and our people’s adherence to their original traditions.


Chronicles 2017: Oil and gas complex

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Speaking of numerous capabilities of oil and gas branch, the President ordered to continue the privatization of the state property as well as to change fuel and gas complex management system fundamentally by wide implementation international standards.


Development of the 4th Action Programme to assist the countries of the Aral Sea basin

Arslan Redjepov, Turkmenistan representative in the Executive Committee of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea

The development of the new, 4th Action Programme to assist the countries of the Aral Sea basin (ASBP-4) has begun. This important document of the regional significance serves as the basis for the sustainable development in Central Asia, the intensification of the interstate interaction within the framework of the Fund's activities aimed at improving the conditions and quality of life in the Aral Sea area. Since the foundation of the Fund, three similar plans have been implemented, the last one was completed in 2015.