News 15 april 2018


President of Turkmenistan makes appointments in the judiciary system

Soyunov Musamyrat Soyunberdievich, who held the position of the judge in the Ashgabat city court, is appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan, is incorporated into the Presidium of the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan;


Different aspects of ecological culture are reflected in the publications of profile magazine

Elena Dolgova

The publication of S. Durdiyev from National Education Institute is dedicated to the preparation of new formation of the specialists. The author noted that Ecology and Environment Protection discipline was introduced in secondary profile colleges and universities of the country and the Ecology started to be taught in schools in 2013 – 2014 academic tear. The author puts his thoughts on the importance of the concept of ecological culture and ecological competence in life of Turkmen society and every family.


Results of artistic contest «Following Durdy Bayramov» are finalized

Tamara Glazunova

240 beginning painters took part in art review and compete for the title of the author of the best out of 250 paintings, sculptures, folk and applied art items and designing works.


Team of Mary Velayat is the leader of National Taekwondo Championship

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The competitions gathered together hundreds of the leading sportsmen of the capital and regions in men and women as well as perspective juniors.