News 26 may 2018


The dynamic rhythm of Ashgabat is in the artistic interpretation


The exhibition was presented mainly in urban landscapes, conveying the poetic beauty of the country's main city that has changed over the past years. Perhaps the most significant impact on the visitors are two works of the poster genre from the series "My beautiful city of Ashgabat", made by a group of artists - P. Garryev, D. Dzhumaniyazov, A. Kuliev, O. Lallikov. Works transmitting the solemnity of the architectural and monumental symbols of the capital.


Textile industry enterprises increase export supplies of Open End and Ring yarn


The annual capacity of the factory that was put into operation in Dashoguz Velayat several years ago and supplied with the equipment produced by the leading European companies is to process 6,700 tons of ginned cotton and to produce 6,000 tons of highly-demanded Open End cotton yarn. The spinning and drawing machines, scribbling sets and other mechanisms of modern modifications installed there are characterized by the high productivity and optimum energy consumption.


The State Museum presents a photo-chronicle of the Turkmen capital

A retrospective look at the past of the Turkmen capital gives an opportunity to trace the evolution of its architectural style, to experience the scale of transformations that have engulfed all spheres of our life and embodied in the dynamic and majestic appearance of the megalopolis that entered the Guinness Book of Records as the whitest city on earth.


Petroleum Products and Carbamide on Top Positions at Exchange Trading

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Entrepreneurs from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Turkey, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other countries purchased, in foreign currency, gasoline, commercial kerosene, diesel fuel, polypropylene produced at the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries. Businessmen from Afghanistan also bought gasoline produced at the Seydi Oil Refinery, while representatives of business circles from the UAE purchased carbamide B (Turkmenhimiya State Concern). Moreover, cotton wool, cotton yarn, clear sheet glass and Portland cement were sold in foreign currency. Russia, the UAE, Turkey, Afghanistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan were the buyer countries. The total value of transactions exceeded 138 million 356 thousand U.S. ...