News 7 may 2018


Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov congratulates Vladimir Putin on his inauguration as President of Russia

“I am confident that under Your wise leadership, Russia will gain new achievements in the political, social and economic development, strengthening the authority at the international arena”, said the Turkmen leader in his address.


The Industry of Turkmenistan magazine is instituted

The document assigns the following:


Turkmen traditions and national dishes were presented in Tashkent

The national stand of Turkmenistan acquainted Tashkent citizens and guests with the history and cultural traditions of our country, works of decorative and applied art, as well as the finest handmade carpets, including silk, carpet products, ketene cloth, textile products and Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists products, original souvenirs and works of zergers.


The construction of the faculty of Olympic sports begins

Vladimir KOMAROV

The project, which will be implemented by the company “Ajayip gurlushik”, provides the reconstruction of the eight-story office building of the company Impash, where the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs will be located, and in the building of the former supermarket with the same name will be located the Olympic sports department. The multi-profile sports complex, a five-story hostel, a recreation area, parking lots, bicycles and racetracks will be built in the adjoining territory. In the building of the Ministry, in addition to the business zone, there is a conference hall, a museum, a room for simulators.