News 11 june 2018


The national music festival is dedicated to memory of Nury Halmamedov


The next day, within the framework of the festival will be held a competition among students of the Specialized Music Boarding School at the Turkmen National Conservatory in violin and cello class (beginning - 09.00). On the same day in the gallery of the Academy of Arts, there will be a conference "Nury Halmamedov's Music - the incessant melody of eras" (beginning - 11.00). There will be concert-competition of pianists and vocal masters in the evening in the Great Hall of the Conservatory who will challenge the title of the best performers of Nury Halmamedov's works (beginning of 18.00).


Industrial housing construction: innovations and prospects

Vladimir KOMAROV

The residential block of 22 houses of the improved 148 series was erected from the parts produced by the local plant of large-panel housing construction along the route leading to the new Turkmenabat airport. It is also planned to build seventeen 32-apartment houses and 170 family-type cottages. In the industrial way, a large number of high-rise apartment houses of the 148 series were built - in the Mir-7 residential complex in Ashgabat. The construction of a residential area of 20 houses of the 76-y series with use of products of Buzmein plant started in Buzmein. In all region centers were built 48-apartment large-panel houses of improved series for people with disabilities.


Winter crops harvesting picks up the rates

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Necessary organizational measures have been taken for timely mowing and threshing without any losses. Totally, 545«John Deere W540» and «TUCANO 430» («CLAAS») harvesters, which were delivered to the country according to the contracts between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management with «John Deere International GmbH» (Switzerland) and «Umax Trade GmbH» (Germany), have been brought out to the fields.


Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia Shadreck C. Luwita is accredited in Turkmenistan

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

On behalf of the Turkmen leader, the Chairperson if the National Parliament congratulated the guest on the appointment to the high diplomatic post, wishing him every success in developing cooperation between the two states.

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The President of Turkmenistan holds video conference session

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

First, the President called Hyakim of Ahal Velayat Sh. Amangeldiyev who reported on the situation in the region, course of National rural programme and on the measures for organized harvest campaign.

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President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on the Night of Power

“Conscientiousness, friendliness, nobility - these outstanding qualities of the Turkmen people are connected with their rich culture and traditions. As at all times, our people deeply worship the sacred month of Oraza – the time of physical and spiritual self-perfecting, in particular the blessed Gadyr gijesi – the Night of forgiveness, mercy and good deeds. The sayings “One should consider Friday the main day, and Ramazan – the main month”, “Each night should be held as Gadyr gijesi, each person – as Hyzr” that are handed over from generation to generation testify to the Turkmen people’s deep perception of the high spiritual importance of the Month of Oraza and Gadyr gijesi.