News 22 june 2018

In the spotlight

Managing Executive Officer of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. informs on progress of gas-to-gasoline plant project

Appreciative of the personal audience, the businessman emphasized keen interest of Japan’s business circles in expanding partnership with Turkmenistan.


Turkmenistan to host the Summit of the Heads of the IFAS founder states

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly with the other state institutions of the country developed a draft agenda for the upcoming Summit, and draft the documents to be signed on the outcomes of the Summit.


Turkmenistan participates in ADIPEC-2018

Commenting on the report, the Turkmen leader noted that the energy policy of Turkmenistan was aimed at the comprehensive development of the domestic fuel and energy complex, its diversification and dynamic integration into the global energy system.


Culture Week to be held in Balkan velayat in 2019

The Decree states that the Culture Week aims to develop national culture, music, performing arts, cinematography, fine arts, television, radio, to promote cultural institutions, publishing and printing facilities, and to encourage creative professionals to produce works of art, and to mark Cultural Workers, Artists and Magtymguly Fragi’s Poetry Day.


Head of state reprimands a number of officials

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Purli Nurmammedovich Agamyradov;


Turkmenistan adopts 2018-2022 National Action Plan on the Rights of the Child

The Ministry of Adalat (Ministry of Justice), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Population, and other relevant ministries and sectoral agencies, local executive authorities and public organizations of Turkmenistan are ordered to take necessary measures to implement the Plan.


The festival, dedicated to Nury Halmamedov, sparks a huge interest in the Turkmen musical culture


Concert programs, contests of composers, pianists and vocalists, violinists and cellists, scientific debates, film screenings made it possible to appreciate the personal versatility of Nury Halmamedov, a musician and citizen whose talent flared up with a powerful flame, but did not fade with his departure, but fell into a myriad of lights filling our hearts of love and inspiration.

In the spotlight

President of Turkmenistan: Culture Week in Akhal velayat to add strong impetus to the enrichment of Turkmen culture

The study of the Turkmen people’s many-thousand-year history, heritage, time-honored values, and worldwide popularization of the important architectural monuments located along the Silk Road are seen today as a key objective. This has enormous significance in the context of patriotic education of the younger generation and adequate protection of national heritage.


Culture Week–2018 Starts in Ahal Province

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The opening ceremony of the Culture Week–2018 was held in the picturesque Ahal Valley, in Ak Bugday district that is a landmark place for the history of our country. This region bears the memories of ancient civilizations. Thousands of years ago high farming culture blossomed here, more precisely, it was in the foothills of this region that people began cultivating wheat, and the legendary Akhal Teke breed also originated here.