News 3 june 2018


Pupils and colleagues of Nikolay Amiyants organize a concert on the occasion of the violinist birthday


The musical evening opened the musical composition of Grigorash Diniku's "Chorus Staccato" performed by the ensemble of violinists under the supervision of Nikolai Amiyants. Synchronous swing of the bows, and the hall filled the rich with vibrant emotions of the melodies of Romanian Gypsies. The violinists of the ensemble transmitted all the melodic nuances and shades of mood - beauty, passion, temperament...


Dmitry Ivanov: Golden Gaetano Was Awarded in Recognition of Unsurpassed Skills of Turkmen Horseback Riders

Your decision to send the Galkynysh National Equestrian Group to Saint-Petersburg to participate in the First International Circus Arts Festival, On the Fontanka, was another evidence of that. The brilliant performance by horseback riders from Turkmenistan on the historical arena of the Ciniselli Circus was admired both by professional jury and the sophisticated audience in Russia’s cultural capital, and it certainly became a crowning touch to the festival. The Golden Gaetano award won by the artists is a well-deserved prize in recognition of their unsurpassed skills.

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Mass Cycling Training at Ashgabat Stadium Enters Guinness Book of Records

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

The number of participants of this grand cycling campaign reached 3 thousand 246 people. They practiced cycling, and then were informed on the role of this mode of transport in the current logistical environment and on traffic rules and regulations for cyclists on city streets.

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President of Turkmenistan congratulates compatriots on the World Bicycle Day

“Cycling is very popular all around the world and one of the most popular sports included into the programme of the Olympic Games. Its history started with the first cycle race covering a distance between the cities of Paris and Rouen in 1869. At present, cycling not only demonstrates the progressive changes in the sports field, but also embodies the triumph of the peace-loving aspirations of mankind, friendship and solidarity. We pay significant attention to making peoples closer to each other, strengthening peace, good relations and positive cooperation on the planet, including the development of international cooperation in the field of sports”, the President says.