News 5 june 2018


Preservation of the unique Turkmen nature is the guarantee of a sustainable future

Alexander SHERBINA, ecologist

The part of the solution is Turkmen Caspian region, where the exploration of deposits, the extraction, processing and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials is combined with the presence of the richest biological self-renewing resources of international significance. The Caspian Sea is the richest reservoir of the planet according to sturgeon stocks and the powerful modern migratory pathways of the birds passing through the wetlands of the Caspian Sea region provide an abundance of migratory and wintering hunting fauna common for the entire Eurasian region. More than 500 km of the seacoast are a potential and almost year-round recreational zone, development of which has been particularly active in ...


Teaching staff of the education centre “Dalchyn” upgrading their qualification on – line

Murad Saparov

Starting from February 2018, instructors of “Dalchyn” education centre are taking part in upgrading their qualification. The main feature of these training sessions is that they are delivered remotely by the experts of the Cambridge University through on – line sessions.


A cycle of bike rides organized by the diplomatic missions of our country continues in Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan

The representatives of the Humanitarian Association of Turkmen of the World and the active representatives of the Turkmen diaspora in Saudi Arabia, the scientific, cultural, public and humanitarian associations took part in the bike ride.


Embassy of Turkmenistan organizes a bike ride in Seoul

The events on occasion of the World Bicycle Day coincided with the ceremony of awarding the winners of the “Tour de Korea 2018” International bike ride that started in Korea on May 30, 2018 and run through several cities in the country.


Young climbers take part in festival “Mountain climbing for all” organized by Agama Club

Vladimir Komarov

The climbing is getting younger as many other sports. Today, the highlanders of 14 – 15 years old take part in international competitions. The festivals organized by Agama Club are aimed at wide public of the supporters of active leisure. Many of them trains at the climbing walls not for sport achievements butt simply get the charge of vivacity and positivity from the ability to come over the obstacles.

In the spotlight

The President of Turkmenistan: It is impossible to improve the wealth of the nation without protection of the harmony with environment

Our ancestors have formed original traditions of careful and harmonic attitude to the nature. These centuries-old humane principles, which well-settled in life and national traditions, are filled with new content this days developing in accordance with fundamental measures aimed at the search of optimum solutions of modern global challenges.