News 16 july 2018


The project of a new housing estate in the west of Ashgabat is implemented at high rates

Vladimir KOMAROV

The units of the Ashgabat hyakimlik are ahead of schedule. The contractor "Ashgabatstroy" quickly installed on the construction of two 12-storeyed 48-apartment houses a reinforced concrete base and have already raised the walls of the third floor. High rates were achieved due to the organization of three-shift work and the effective use of special equipment. The specialists of this contract organization plan to complete the construction and installation works in two 12-storey buildings and begin finishing the living quarters until the end of the year.


Turkmenistan National team is the third in the Asian Jujitsu Championship

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan National team has the best sportsmen, which have won the medals of the world and Asian championships as well as the Ashgabat 2017 Games. Our masters performed in three jujitsu disciplines in Aktau – contact, ne-waza and combat.


The State Sanitary and Epidemic Service: Innovations and imitativeness

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

For these purposes, at first, the legislation base, which opens the broad way to reforms, has been improved. The articles of the Code of Turkmenistan on Administrative Offences improves the measures for violations of sanitary rules. New edition of the Sanitary Code of Turkmenistan, Laws of Turkmenistan on Health Protection of the Population, on Safety of Food Products, on Propaganda and Support of Breast Feeding, on Radiation Safety, On Drinking Water, on Health Protection of Population against Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of the Use of Tobacco Products, on Prevention of Spread of Diseased caused by Human Immune Deficiency (HIV), Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan on Salt Iodization and Fortification of ...


Scientists conducts monitoring of the flora of man-made islands in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea


The natural components of this biological environment are enriched, the new island is changing, filled with life, becomes interesting for environmental monitoring. Specialists of scientific and environmental institutions consider it an object of ornithological purpose, intended for scientific research, and in the long term - for ecological tourism. The impact of human life is not planned here, and visits are only allowed to specialists in marine biology and avifauna. The coast of the sea is a visual reference point for migratory birds, the bays are traditional recreation places for three hundred species of migratory waterfowl and water birds of Asia. A new green island of life will ...