News 2 august 2018


Efficiency of agricultural complex is the base of food security

State News Agency of Turkmenistan

Great attention is paid to the formation of new economic relations, rational use of land, water and other natural resources, environment protection development of agrarian science, selection and livestock breeding, introduction of innovative technologies and advanced management methods, attraction of private business in agricultural complex, training of qualified specialists, improvement of life quality of rural population by creation of modern social infrastructure the regions.


The plant for the production of dry gypsum mixtures and drywall is under construction in Lebap region

Berdimurad JUMAYEV

The raw material for the new production will be rich deposits of gypsum stones. The plant, designed to produce 12 million square meters of drywall and 100,000 tons of dry gypsum mixtures per year, is envisaged to be equipped with modern equipment and technology. This makes possible the production of high-quality competitive products, as well as create new jobs. The construction of the facility is scheduled to be completed by the end of next year.


The youth orchestra TURKSOY, which includes Turkmen musicians, takes part in the festival «Espressivo»

Victor Tretyakov performed "5 plays for two violins" by Dmitry Shostakovich in a duet with Natalia Likhope, and with Montenegrin violinist Miran Begich - "Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra in D Minor, BWV". TURKSOY Youth Orchestra conducted by Azerbaijani maestro Mustafa Mehmandarov presented the world premiere - "Divertissement" by composer Milivoi Picurica. The program of the concert also included works by Ulvi Djemal Erkin, Kara Karayev and Nury Halmamedov.