Turkmenistan founds the Union of Information Technologies Development

Constituent assembly of this organization was held in the capital Olympia hotel. Representatives of IT companies, partner’s companies and volunteers took part in the event.

The objectives of the Union include the improvement of the awareness of the population in IT sphere, consulting services as well as the support of new ideas. Individuals and legal entities of Turkmenistan and foreign states sharing the same targets and objectives are free to join the Union.

At present moment, information technologies rapidly come to our life, - Grigori Gurbanov, the Founder of the Union Says. – The idea of the foundation of the Union of Information Technologies Development of Turkmenistan (UITDT) has come after many companies faced the problem of recruitment of qualified IT specialists. We have people with good experience and we want to use our knowledge and opening opportunities for the improvement of the potential of youg generation.

Our plans include the attraction of the youth to master the knowledge and skills in programme software field. We will open free courses for this including on robotics with future employment. Besides, we plan to provide consulting services and production of electronic media, IT magazine and to organize profile exhibitions. We are open for new ideas and innovative approaches. Individual Enterprise Orlan, the member of the UIET, which successfully works on employment and education market, is among our partners.