Results of artistic contest «Following Durdy Bayramov» are finalized

Photo: Hasan Magadov

The ceremony held in the gallery of Arts Academy was remarkable event not only for the participants – students of the Academy and State Art College, but also for all connoisseurs of painting.

240 beginning painters took part in art review and compete for the title of the author of the best out of 250 paintings, sculptures, folk and applied art items and designing works.

Recognized portray artist was the main character of the dedication series. The competitors mainly followed the palette of colours and realistic genre that Durdy Bayramov used. Here he smiles and in sorrow or deep in his thoughts on the next canvas, works in the studio, takes rest with the friends…This visual multilayered nature of talented painter was giving the sense of belonging to his bright life, which continues to live in dynamic plots of his works.

The master who painted several thousand portrays of his contemporaries for his life became the hero of the works by talented galaxy of young artists. The picture of cut tree with five strong young shoots looks very unusual on the background of the portrays and easel works by Durdy Bayramov. It is known that Durdy Bayramov grew up in the orphanage. Talented artist portrayed the cut tree as a symbol of absence of genealogic tree, however it found the continuation in five shoots, which are Durdy Bayramov himself, his wife and three daughters.

The family was reliable background, the house of love and happiness for the artist.

Still-life portraying the palette with paints squeezed out of tubes, the brush and lonely apple id very interesting. It raises the question: “Where is Durdy Bayramov?” His image is expressed in the logotype of the painter. There was many similar associative works at the exhibition.

According to the contest regulations, the winner had to be chosen by the visitors but not by the jury. Everyone of them had a card where the write the number of the best work in their opinion. The picture 11 received the most of the votes. Its author is student of the Arts Academy Zakirjan Babayev. He received monetary prize of 5,000 manats from daughters of the hero of the event – Bahar and Jemal Bayramovs.

In his easel work, zakirjan portrayed Durdy Bayramov sitting on the coach in the studio. The author managed to express the image of the master more accurate and to surround him with usual and favourite items, having created the atmosphere of personal charm of Durdy Bayramov within the canvas space.

All participants of the contest received the certificates and valuable gifts.