The modern district is built in Kunya Urgench etrap of Dashoguz region

In accordance with the National Program of development, the country focused more on the construction of cities and rural settlements, the creation in them of all the necessary conditions for comfortable living.

The new modern residential area built on the territory of the gengeshlik "Tyaze yol" in the Kunyaurgench etrap will also possess the new network of social, cultural and other objects assignment. The business entity “Bagtyl Gadam” is building a two-story building of a new comprehensive school for 420 pupils, where all the conditions for educating the intellectually, physically and spiritually developed young generation will be created. The training classes will be equipped with the necessary inventory and technical means, which will make it possible to actively use interactive methods in the educational process. The specialized premises and sports grounds will be created for the creative and physical development of students.

The Health House, a kindergarten for 160 children, the House of Culture, a shopping center with a market, shops and other objects are being built in the village, where the Communication House is already built, capable of serving hundreds of subscribers.

The greenhouse farm, various production and administrative facilities, forming of an extensive network of road and engineering communications will be realized in the new residential area, the housing stock of which will be hundreds of comfortable houses of various types.