The Alp Arslan Theater presents the performance "Six Women", based on the story of Zaki Zainullin "Behind the Hill"

August 1941 ... Six women, who led to the front of their husbands, learn that they will pass through the railroad station Raevka, which is sixty kilometers from the village, from the assembly point to their destination. Prepared for a favorite meal soldiers were put in a cart, but they do not give a horse: in the midst of harvesting all draft animals are engaged in the collective farm. The chairman gives only a cover letter so that they can be easily admitted to the station. Women are harnessed to the cart, go on the road with the hope of seeing their husbands, and feed them to the full.

The path of 60 kilometers took all day, moreover, one of the women Miniyamal went on the road with an infant, and Raikhan - from birth was limping. To pass the time, women began to recall the bright events of their pre-war life.

Sarwar remembered how Zaynulla's father-in-law, under the pressure of his new wife, exposed them with her husband from home, giving out a half pood of rye flour. But the fellow villagers stood up for the young couple. And then the collective farm chairman, on behalf of the Soviet government, forced Zainulla to give his son a third of the property.

The story of the marriage of the lame Raihan can be called a lucky coincidence. The girl late in the winter evening was busy at home on the au pair, the lost hero Minblebai knocked on the light. The guy appreciated the delicious food and hospitality of Raikhan, and soon he called her to be his wife...

Towards evening, the heroes, barely standing on their feet from fatigue, reached the station of Raevka, but here they were filled with bitter disappointment: the train with the recruits passed without stopping...

In this play there is no victorious pathos, in it everyday life of the village wartime. So why, when the spectator learns that none of the husbands of these women have returned from the battlefield, tears come to their eyes. And six women, sixty kilometers pulling on themselves an arbus, grow into a heroine, before whom you want to kneel.

This story is not invented by the writer, it is based on real events that occurred with residents of the Bashkir village Sterlibash. Zaki Zainullin immortalized their names in his work. A piercing story is embodied today on the leading stages of Russia and the CIS countries.

In the Turkmen Drama Theater, the young director Arslan Berdyev in co-authorship staged alp Arslan the play «Six Women» with his father - honored artist of Turkmenistan Handurdy Berdyev. Two views - creative, inherent in youth, and classical - produced a good result: the dramatic fate of 6 Bashkir women to the depths of the soul excited the audience in the hall. In the statement, the atmosphere of wartime, the mentality of the Bashkir people, and its customs are reliably transmitted.

Excellent actors of the main roles - honored artists of Turkmenistan Gerek Khodzhamamedova, Sulgun Tashlieva and Govher Muhammadgulyeva, actresses Ogulsen Durdieva, Gulaym Annamenglieva, Tyllazel Khydyrova, perfectly got used to the images of their heroines. Their characters are colorful and touching, just like the six simple and at the same time Great their unyielding will and selfless love of women, whose memory is dedicated to the new work of the creative team of the National Drama Theater named after Alp Arslan.