Turkmen schoolchildren are winners of the international project Olympiad "Infomatrix 2018"

The international project Olympiad in Informatics "Infomatrix 2018" in which participated 1016 students from 43 countries of the world - 595 authors in 11 directions was completed in Bucharest.

Our country was represented by 11 schoolchildren, who prepared 7 design works, including joint, and won 2 silver and 9 bronze medals. The mentor of the Turkmen intellectual team is the teacher of informatics of the boarding school for especially gifted children Maksat Meredov.

Ejegul Akmammedova and Gozel Nazarova, pupils of the 11th form of the 86th school of the capital are among the silver prizewinners.

Bronze medal winners were schoolchildren of the 11th grade of the 86th school Enejan Annamuhammedova and Aishat Geldimyradova, representatives of the boarding school for especially gifted children Resul Shamukhammedov, Leyli Ashirova and Maral Durdieva, and the IT quartet from the 97th Ashgabat school: Atajan Dzhuraev, Ahmet Akyev , Merdan Nepesov and Didar Khallyev.

Successful participation of Turkmen schoolchildren in prestigious international Olympiads is evidence of the effectiveness of the national innovation education strategy aimed at enhancing the intellectual and creative potential of the younger generation, developing analytical skills and motivating self-improvement.