Turkmen schoolchildren are holders of the Overall Winner Cup of the Amity University Olympiad

The youthful intellectual team, which includes 20 Turkmen high school students, took part in the seventh International Olympiad of Amity University in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics was conducted in the Indian city of Noida.

Competitions in chemistry, biology and physics were organized in two stages (theoretical knowledge and laboratory work), the mathematical tournament included the theoretical part.

The gold medals holders according to the results of the subject rounds are ten-graders of the boarding school for especially gifted children. These are Ahmet Chomanov (physics), Ataybay Allamyradov, Kerven Gadamov (chemistry), Seydulla Narkuliyev, representative of the specialized secondary school No. 87 Gulyalek Charieva, a pupil of the 11th grade of the specialized secondary school No. 135 Rahman Agamyradov (mathematics), a pupil of the 10th grade of the specialized secondary school No. 86 Kerimguly Gurbanmuhammedov (biology), a pupil of the 11th grade of the secondary school No.33 of the Chardzhou etrap of the Lebap region Amir Kadyrov.

The silver and bronze awards, recognition gifts are also in the treasury of achievements of our schoolchildren. The Turkmen team was awarded the Overall Winner Cup For the best team performance.

As part of the cultural and educational program, the children learned a lot about the scientific, educational and international activities of the prestigious Amity University, made excursions to the historical and cultural attractions of Delhi, and exchanged knowledge and impressions with peers, broadening their horizons and introducing representatives of other countries to the traditions and achievements of Turkmenistan.