Teaching staff of the education centre “Dalchyn” upgrading their qualification on – line

Photo: Suleyman Charyev

Private sector companies involved in the educational sector of the economy are taking an active part in creating an innovative educational environment, through creation of favorable learning conditions for the Turkmen youth.

Starting from February 2018, instructors of “Dalchyn” education centre are taking part in upgrading their qualification. The main feature of these training sessions is that they are delivered remotely by the experts of the Cambridge University through on – line sessions.

As noted by “Dalchyn” teachers, these training sessions allow them to implement invaluable experience shared by their international colleagues representing one of the leading educational centers of the world, and learners have a unique opportunity to master a foreign language in accordance with methodology of the Cambridge University without leaving the country.

Distance learning training sessions for Dalchyn instructors had started from rehearsal of general teaching aspects, in particular key factors contributing to efficient training, lesson planning etc. Gradually, subject matters of the sessions became focused on particular subjects, which enabled implementation of various teaching methods and approaches in stages.

Training sessions for Dalchyn trainers were held in different formats, ranging from email exchanges with Cambridge specialists to online video conferencing.

Cambridge experts focused on provision of the most up-to-date information to Dalchyn team, who in their turn have quickly implemented newly acquired material in their teaching process. Students attending the courses have welcomed new teaching approach with great enthusiasm and noted its enriching and enhancing contribution to the language learning process.

To date, teachers of Dalchyn language centre have covered training sessions in 10 subjects. Most active ones have been awarded with certificates, confirming successful completion of training.

Creative approach to upgrading qualification of Dalchyn teachers is a vivid example of successful development of distance learning approach to education, which enriches professional opportunities for both trainers and students.