Industrial housing construction: innovations and prospects

The construction of 32 four-story panel houses began Balkanabat city, the administrative center of the western region, on the basis of the improved 148th series of reinforced concrete products manufactured at the plants of the factory of large-panel housing construction in Ashgabat and Turkmenabat.

The residential block of 22 houses of the improved 148 series was erected from the parts produced by the local plant of large-panel housing construction along the route leading to the new Turkmenabat airport. It is also planned to build seventeen 32-apartment houses and 170 family-type cottages. In the industrial way, a large number of high-rise apartment houses of the 148 series were built - in the Mir-7 residential complex in Ashgabat. The construction of a residential area of 20 houses of the 76-y series with use of products of Buzmein plant started in Buzmein. In all region centers were built 48-apartment large-panel houses of improved series for people with disabilities.

Thus, panel housing construction is a demanded direction of the national urban development program. Reconstruction of the largest factories of large-panel housing construction has changed the view on industrial construction. The panel houses under construction today are technologically advanced buildings that meet all modern requirements for safety and energy efficiency. This was preceded by a huge work on the reconstruction of factories of large-panel housing construction in Ashgabat, Buzmein, Turkmenabat, with the replacement of the main and auxiliary equipment with the technology of the German company EBAWE, Italian - PROGRESS and EWROMEK. The testing laboratories were re-equipped during the reconstruction.

The automation of the technological process using software aimed at producing high-quality concrete mixtures became an effective way to achieve high results. New industrial technologies made it possible to increase labor efficiency, the quality of products, and create conditions for the optimal use of all production resources.

The house-building combines of the association "Turkmendemironumleri" produce about 200 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete products of improved series - 148 and 76. The specialists of the enterprise have significantly improved the quality and increased the output of reinforced concrete products, of which large-panel high-rise buildings have been assembled in the capital and administrative centers of regions.