Winter crops harvesting picks up the rates

According to the order of the Government, the farmers have to produce 1,600,000 tons of wheat this year. Harvesting conveyor works all day around without any interruption at the fields of Ahal Velayat, the largest breadbasket of the country. This year, the farmers plan to harvest 450,000 tons of selected wheat from 209,000 hectares of the fields in Baharly, Gyokdepe, Ak Bugday, Kaahka, Tejen, Babadayhan and Sarakhs etraps, which are under such high-productive breeds of wheat as Sahrayi, Bitarap, Akbash, Yoloten 1, Yoloten 3, Miras, Bat’ko, Irishka, Yubileynaya 100 and other.

Necessary organizational measures have been taken for timely mowing and threshing without any losses. Totally, 545«John Deere W540» and «TUCANO 430» («CLAAS») harvesters, which were delivered to the country according to the contracts between the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management with «John Deere International GmbH» (Switzerland) and «Umax Trade GmbH» (Germany), have been brought out to the fields.

This modern equipment has successfully passed field tests in local soil and climate conditions as requested by Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. New machines, which work is entirely controlled by electronics, have high production capacities and simple in operation. Quality and quantity of the harvest as well as other parameters are reflected on the monitor in the cockpit with all comfortable conditions for the operators.

Relative transport has been also properly prepared to the harvest campaign. Bodies of 2,725 trucks involved in transportation of the harvest have been tightly sealed to avoid the loss of wheat. 139 mobile maintenance teams staffed by welders and mechanic and equipped with necessary parts and tools have been formed. In addition, there are more than 60 technical support vehicles and 85 tanker trucks for refuelling and supply of the harvesters and transport with lubricants.

45 reception facilities are working 24/7 in the velayat. Each facility has a laboratory for the specialists of the Head State Service Turkmenstandartlary test the quality of the grain coming from the fields. Grain elevators and mills are ready to receive new harvest in Ahal. Payment settlements with the farmers are made by local branches of Dayhan Bank.

Exemption of the farmers from taxes, granting of beneficial bank loans, timely payment settlements, regular provision of them with powerful equipment, beneficial technical services, seeds, mineral fertilizers, pest control chemicals, development of virgin lands – all of these conditions made by the state enhance the growing of rich harvests by the farmers.