Hundreds of farmers of Amudarya Valley fulfil contractual obligations on grain production

First 100,000 tons of grain have been thrashed since the beginning of the harvest period on June 6 by the harvester operators in Lebap Velayat. Mowing and thrashing of the wheat, transportation of grain to elevators and reception facilities are carried out all day around and picks up the rates every day.

More than 400 high productive grain harvesters, more than 2,000 vehicles and other transport are used in harvest and transport complex of Amudarya Valley. Before the campaign, the machine operators of Lebap received more than 70 high capacity harvesters and 47 new vehicles for transportation of grain what allowed to increase the rates of mowing and delivery of grain to storage facilities from the first days of the campaign.

All reception facilities are equipped with electronic scales, which makes the hand-over faster. Elevators and reception facilities have laboratories where the specialists of Turkmenstandartlary Service inspect the quality of the wheat. Local branches of the State Commercial Dayhan Bank make timely payment settlements with the farmers for delivered grain.

Integrated plan of provision of good coordination of all links of harvesting and transportation conveyor has been developed before the campaign.

For provision of rapid rate of the mowing, mobile technical service teams with spare parts, tools and communication devices for the failures in work of the equipment have been formed on the sites.

This yea, the farmers of the region grew rich harvest of grain on 157,000 hectares and plan to deliver not less than 350,000 tons of grain. Therefore, the efforts of all links of harvest campaign are aimed at strict following of the schedule in order to make considerable contribution to food abundance of the country, having collected the harvest on time and without any losses.

Hundreds of the farmers have already fulfilled and exceeded their contractual obligations on production of grain having produced generous harvests. For example, the group of farmers from Amudarya Farmer Association of Charjew etrap led by Y. Seyidov including 22 farmers received hundredweights of high-quality wheat in average from every 31-hectar plot and delivered 147 tons of grain to reception facility, having exceeded their contractual obligations. The best farmers received 52 – 59 hundredweights from each plot.

The fields left after the mowing of the grain crops are rapidly ploughed and sown with rice, mung beans and vegetable crops. Such profitable use of lands with the purpose to receive two harvest per season will allow the farmers getting additional income.