Alp Arslan Theatre presents the stage play about Avicenna

Stage play “The Star of the East” by Alp Arslan Turkmen Drama Theatre was bright event of national theatre festival. Bilbil Mamedov is the author and director of stage dedication to the greatest philosopher and physician of the East Ibn Sina or Avicenna, this is how Europeans used to call him. Working on the play, Bilbil has read more than 60 literature and historical sources in order to broadcast the magnificence of the personality of the scientist.

It was the beginning of XI century. Ibn Sina was caught on the graveyard where he was making an autopsy in order to identify the cause of death. Having realized that he is dealing with the great scientist, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznevi offered the scientist to work for him. Ibn Sina did not want to serve to progressive but very tough ruler and had to escape the territory of modern Afghanistan. Ever since quite comfortable life of the great scientist was replaced with the years down the road. Together with his mentor Al-Masihi, Ibn Sina went across Karakum Desert. In one of the villages a young man was screaming out of pain. “I can try and save your son, Ibn Sina said to the parents, - but for this I have to cut him and remove inflammatory appendices”. After some hesitation, the father of a man agreed for the surgery that save life to his son..

Sick Al-Masihi required urgent medical assistance, however even Ibn Sina, the author of five volumes of The Canon of Medicine, was not able to treat the disease of his mentor. The guards of Mahmud Ghaznevi who caught the fugitives deigned and told them that famous healer Parov-bibi livees in Parou. And oddly enough, Ibn Sina, famous physician not only in the East but in the West as well, set his feet without hesitation to the healer for advice to save dying Al-Masihi. This fact gives positive characteristic to the scientist - despite high authority of a doctor, he always listened to the advices of people and adopted their practices with keen interest.

The scientist was petrified with the youth of the healer but he trusted her the destiny of his friend. “Unfortunately, nothing can help him, - Parov-bibi said, having looked around the patient. – He is about to die and he knows that”. Having buried his friend and tutor, Ibn Sina did not stay long in Parou. Nevertheless, as the legend says he mentioned in his way the methods the healer used.

After, Ibn Sina went to old scientist Meana, who was told was able to stop the bowl thrown up in the air. Caravaniers helped Ibn Sina and together with them he started his journey…

The role of Ibn Sina was played by Suleyman Eminov who managed to find dimensional and expressive image of the physician. The role of his teacher Al-Masihi was performed by Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan Alty Salandiyev, the image of Parov-bibi, the healer, was embodied by Jeren Tachmamedova, who conveyed the character of legendary heroine.

Undoubtedly, the appeal to such important individual in the history of ancient East as Ibn Sina highlights the work of Alp Arslan Drama Theatre. Together with excellent director group, original stage arrangements like concise decoration with the emphasis on symbolism, music organic to dramaturgic plot, use of animation and sound effects are advantages of new play.

As per my opinion, the only one minus is in some long dialogs of the heroes. Ibn Sina is such bright individual that the language of narration has to be imaginative and succinct highlighting historical and philosophical message of the play.

Warm welcome of the public gives confidence in long and successful stage life of new work of talented team