Iron ore deposit on Gizilkaya Square opens new opportunities for the construction industry of the country

The use of local raw materials - iron ore - in the production of high-strength cement grades save annually about ten million US dollars. The specialists of the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan together with the staff of GC "Turkmen geology" and the Institute of Chemistry of the AST working on the program of import substitution studied the possibility of using the natural resources of the Tuarkyr mining region. Laboratory tests were carried out of the composition of fossil iron ore from the Gizilkaya area, which confirmed the high quality of the raw materials.

This year the industrial enterprises refused to purchase this component abroad as reported in the association "Turkmencement". The mining of iron ore has been organized at the “Chygyl” deposit since February 1 of this year and all the enterprises of the industry are provided with the necessary raw materials without restrictions.

The scientific employees of the Institute of Chemistry of the AST by the order of the Industrial Association "Turkmencement" continue to work on the creation of high-strength cement grades using local raw materials. The Turkmen Geological Expedition conducts a detailed exploration of the iron ore deposit in the northern mining region of the country. The reserves of valuable raw materials of the well-known deposit will be approved and transferred to the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan by the end of the year. The discovery of geologists is of an industrial scale. The reserves of lightly enriched ore from the deposit identified by the geological expedition will last for a century, if it is build a metallurgical plant in Gizilkaya with a capacity of one million tons of iron per year.