The staff of the Mary Drama Theater presents a new version of the famous dastan

Photo: Suleyman CHARYYEV

The dastan "Zohre and Tahir" was strikingly pronounced in the play with a poetic name "Without a chopper in the ocean of love". The staff of the Mary region Drama Theater named after Kemine embodied a new stage interpretation of the textbook love story. The setting carried out the director of the Lebap Drama Theater Perkhat Khudaiberenov.

Dastan "Zohre and Tahir", the authorship of the Turkmen version of which belongs to the classical poet Mollanepes, is no less popular than Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" tragedy. Despite the significance of the literary material and the status of the festival performance, the director was not afraid to entrust the main roles to the young actors - G.Annakhanova and M. Bekmuradova, who sincerely embodied the images of the lovers. Organic acting, successful director's finds determined the high tonality of the stage narrative.

In my opinion, the performance «Without a chopper in the ocean of love «is one of the best festival works. The work of the artist-director M. Akmammedov is standing out. Scenography and musical design intensified the dramatic effect, emphasizing the emotional background of the production. The talented work of the troupe of the Mary Theater completed the first national festival of theatrical art, which, despite the thematic focus, reflected the repertoire polyphony and the variety of creative styles that characterize the development trends of the theatrical art in our country.