Tejen Tejenov is the gold winner of the Open Asian Judo Tournament

Turkmen sportsmen won two medals at the Open Asian Judo Tournament that has just finished in Chinese Taipei. Around two hundred sportsmen from 23 countries representing practically all regional confederations took part in the competitions.

Tejen Tejenov, the coach of the sport school of the General Department of Sports and Youth Affairs of Ashgabat won the gold in the weight category up to 90 kg. Our sportsmen came overt three rounds on his way to the victory. In quarter final, less than a minute was quite enough for Turkmen athlete to defeat the master from the Republic of Korea.

The fight in the semi-final with Australian judo wrestler was little longer however, this barriers was successfully overcome. As it was expected, the final fight against Rokas Nenartavichus from Lithuania was stubborn. Nevertheless, event in the final, T. Tejenov has won before the time.

Batyr Hojamuhammedov (up to 100 kg) representing the central army sport club has also successfully made his way to the final, having taken over twice. Just in the last final round, he yielded to Kim Leikshun from the Republic of Korea and won silver medal.

In total team count, Turkmen national team has taken the fifth place.