New issue of ecological magazine is dedicated to the key aspects of environment protection policy

Regular issue of quarterly magazine “Ecological Culture and Environmental Protection” has been published. The theme of the magazine covers wide natural protection and educational spectrum and is addressed to wide reading audience. It is opened by the message of the President of Turkmenistan addressed to the personnel of natural protection sphere on the World Environment Day, which highlights the importance of the events held under the realization of National strategy on climate change and its important part – the National Forest Programme.

Article of the employee of the Institute of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dedicated to international cooperation in ecology. It highlights the main directions of the cooperation with the UN, activity of Turkmenistan under chairing in the International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea and its structure – the International Commission on Sustainable Development.

The next publication of the magazine narrates of the rich reserves of the Karakums. It has the deposits of various natural resources, especially the hydrocarbons, owing to which Turkmenistan plays the key role in the world market of energy resources.

Group of authors from architectural and construction institute presented the review of the methods of treatment of domestic water, including the membrane method with the application of reverse osmosis and filtration until complete decontamination of water and removal of all harmful substances. As is known, electrical and thermal energy as well as fertilizers are the associated product of such production.

The magazine makes an educational tour to the history of botanical garden, which will be 90 years in the next year. Outcome of scientific activity of the personnel is the selection of persimmon, banana, lemon melon tree, decorative exotic plants, which are grown in our parks and acclimatized to arid conditions of the country.

Article about the prospects of development of ecological tourism in Koytendag will be interesting for the travellers. The page of literature introduces the works of Magtumguly Fragi devoted to picturesque nature of the homeland.

The magazine ends up with the recommendations on the protection of the plants from diseases and insects, where the birds are good help for people.