An urban settlement is built in the north of Lebap region

The first 40 dwelling houses became the visiting card of the architectural ensemble of the new urban settlement "Darganata", which is formed near the important thruway - the railway and the Turkmenabat-Gazachak highway in the north of the Lebap region.

The implementation of the project to build a new settlement in takyr lands, in which comfortable social and living conditions are created, attests to the successful implementation of the national transformation program aimed at ensuring a high quality of life for the rural population. In the new modern settlement is planned to erect one- and two-story houses of cottage type, as well as several four-story houses.

The construction of social and industrial infrastructure is in parallel with the housing. The general plan provides for the construction of three general schools - each for 640 places, two kindergartens - each for 240 seats, a Palace of Culture with a hall for 500 seats, a shopping center, a household, a telephone exchange for 500 rooms, production facilities, and engineering infrastructure.