Turkmen entrepreneurs develops the production of briquetted charcoal

Photo: Vladimir Komarov

“Mert Peder” business entity has developed the production of green product – the charcoal blocks, which are used for cooking the food on grill, barbeque as well as serve as the fuel for ovens, hearths, heating up the tents and hothouses.

Charcoal production workshop is located in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat in Bugdayly Farming association. The charcoal is environmentally friendly alternative to foreign analogues. It is made of natural materials – the agricultural wastes – dried cotton and grape stalks. The blocks have no any chemical fixing and bonding agents, which would be able to harm people’s health.

The blocks are distinguished by burning time (4 – 5 hours), which make their use to be economic. It also has reduced harmful emission (15 times less comparing with normal wood).

Wood wastes are shredded using crushing machines and compacted by screw press. The centre of wood stalk has a hole, which provides additional air draught during the burning. The blocks of charcoal are burnt without oxygen access in special furnaces at 500 degrees temperature. Using this technology, the facility produce up to 400 kilograms of blocked charcoal per day, which is packed in paper bags. This year, the entrepreneurs plan to produce and sale more than 300 tons of the charcoal, which would allow cancelling the import of this product.