The President of Turkmenistan visits the construction site of Garagum Hotel

The President of Turkmenistan inspected the situation in urban construction works in Ashgabat. Turkmen leader was met by Hyakim of Ashgabat at the intersection of Atamurat Niyazov and Hoja Ahmet Yasavi streets where fashionable Garagum hotel would be built according to the Resolution of the Head of the State. The hyakim reported on the realization of this project.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the necessity to plan surrounding territory and introduce conceptual accents to its landscape.

Particularly, the Head of the State proposed the creation of long parking zone until the airport, which would decorate the city and would be a comfortable recreation place for the tenants of surrounding buildings.

Today, Turkmen capital is set as a tourist centre; the number of travellers and representatives of business circles coming to Ashgabat, which is thought to be the pearl of Asia, is growing every year.

It stipulates the appropriateness of construction of high-class hotels and complexes for international forums and other big events. In this context, special role is given to new hotel, which would be built next to Ashgabat International Airport.

According to its name, the building of the hotel would reflect architectural image of Karakum Desert, which is unique natural attraction of Turkmenistan. Smooth lines and golden windowpanes of the constructions replicate the curves of sand dunes but unlike the natural desert, the guest would come to the oasis of comfort and high-class service.

Due to national colours, it would be some sort of the analogue of the caravansaries, which were located along the Great Silk Road on the territory of our country in their modern performance with the use of the latest technologies and materials, original construction solutions and advanced equipment.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that steadfast improvement of level and quality of life of the population, social and living conditions are key priorities of large-scale urban construction programme in Ashgabat and addressed the Head of city administration with the number of assignments on this account.