Turkmen hockey players held a resounding victory over the national team of Minsk

On the ice field of the Ashgabat sports complex for winder sports there has been held a friendly match between juniors of national teams of Turkmenistan and Minsk Belarus).

The first national team of our country today has played its international debut. From the first seconds players held an upper hand. On the 3rd minute Turkmen hockey players have already opened the score. Teams went for break with a score of 2:1 in favour of our ice-hockey players. The second half of the match was also over in favour of Turkmen ice hockey players as - 4:2.

In the third half ice hockey players had long tried to score a goal into each other’s net. However, 5 minutes before the final whistle the puck entered the net of the Minsk national team and Turkmen ice hockey players thrice scored goals into the net of their opponent. In the end, the junior national team of Turkmenistan has gained a resounding victory with a score of 7:2.

Winners have been awarded special prizes-brand hockey sticks on behalf of the president of the republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

On November 5 the sports complex for winder sports will host another match in which junior sportsmen from Minsk will meet the team «Oghuzkhan», and on the next day, the team “Shir” will compete with the guest team.