A. S. Pushkin State Russian Drama Theatre presented renewed play by Nadejda Ptushkina “Do not go away”

The opening night went with great success, having presented the admirers of talented band work generous portion of good mood. It is not only children but adults as well who believe in wonder New Year night. Thus wonders happened with the heroes of unbelievable story, which were united by New Year celebration in the final scene. This play will be current in all times as its plot includes touching attitude of the daughter to her mother, which will always find positive feedback in people’s hearts as the human is oriented at good deeds and it is natural to make good things. By the playwright’s message, people, who have no happiness in their life, reach for the light and warmth of family hearth.

It was not to interpret new meaning of the paly, - play director, Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan Nataly Laukert said, - and we renewed the play only because of some artists have grown out of their roles. And yet some changes happened during the work process. We tried to emphasize deeper the emotional message of the play and owing to Anna Andronova, which played as Tanya, we managed to achieve this. I am happy with the work of Ayna Jumayeva, who played Dina. This role opened another side of the talent of young actress. Mikhail Rogov, who represented striking and charming Igor, played his role magnificently. The Honoured Actress of Turkmenistan Svetlana Troitskaya played Sofya Ivanovna, who was the main character of the play and owing to who this unbelievable New Year story has happened.

Original scene graphics was presented by art director, Honoured Cultural Worker of Turkmenistan Galina Shichanina. The place of the event – the room, kitchen and staircase, were decorated with light fabrics, which were folded and unfolded when necessary. Such light type of decoration is easy-to-use during tours around the country, where this kind funny story will be undoubtedly warmly welcomed by the public.

The spectators watched with the interest the development of the plot. Every joke found immediate response in the audience. In the scene when Sofya Ivanovna and Tanya sang the romance, the whole audience applauded to them. The visitors lived this unbelievable story together with the actors and were glad to see happy final.