Government incentives and legislative support - key aspects of the cultural policy concept

2016 is the year of honoring the heritage in Turkmenistan, and the transformation of the Fatherland. Among the goals of the program of planned activities have been identified the following: the preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage, promoting it in the world, providing every citizen a wide access to national and world cultural values.

The first results of the expanded activities in these areas were the Decree signed by the head of the state aimed at preserving the cultural heritage, immovable monuments of history to allow improving the performance of control activities in this area.

The results of work carried out at the site Paryzdepe, the scientists reported in March. During active archaeological research it was discovered the interesting from a scientific point of view, objects dating from different periods of history.

The evidence of the boosting of international dialogue in the field of culture were the numerous activities conducted by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with foreign colleagues such as: screenings of foreign films, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

A clear illustration of honoring cultural heritage became the celebration of the national holiday of spring, marked by various countries of the world as the International Day of Nowruz. The Centre of celebrations became "Ak Bugday" Etrap of Akhal region.

In 2016, the status of the cultural capital city of the CIS countries has been delegated to the city of Dashoguz. Events dedicated to it, started on March 30. In the framework of the forum, it is held a concert of the leading artists of the CIS countries, the exhibition of works of fine and decorative arts, as well as the photo exhibition.

The campaign participants has become the heads of the executive committee of the CIS, Intergovernmental fund of Humanitarian cooperation of the CIS country members, ministries of culture of a number of CIS states, intelligentsia, journalists. The guest of our country visited the State historic- cultural reserve of “Kyunaurgench”, the unique cultural monuments included in the list of the world UNESCO heritage and other sightseeing of the Dashoguz region.

In April, it was conducted several major forums, reflecting the diversity spiritual and material culture of the Turkmen people. Among them is the festival of folk dance and kushtdepdi Ghazal held in the National Tourist Zone "Avaza", brought together the winners of the creative review of the towns and villages of the country. The purpose of the festival is to preserve and popularization of kushtdepdi as a national asset, an element of intangible cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, having great prospects in terms of inclusion in the UNESCO Representative List.

One more facet of the folk art showed the participants of song and music festival of Bakhshi held in the village Yzgant in Akhal region.

Among the events that reflect the rapidly developing international dialogue in the sphere of culture is the International Turkmen-Turkish children's festival held in late April.

An important step in the promotion of the national historical and cultural heritage is the exhibition "The court and the world of the Universe: The Great Century of Seljuk" open in New York on April 27, the largest in the US art gallery which is Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its work lasted until July 24, giving the opportunity to the numerous visitors to see artifacts attesting to that period of history, when the Seljuk Empire reached its most prosperity. Included into it exhibits from the museum's collections of Turkmenistan are presented for the first time abroad.

The first month of summer is traditionally active in terms of creative activities, due to the celebration of the Day of culture and art workers in June dated the annual large-scale creative event - Week of Culture, in turn is taking place in different regions of the country. 2016 Week of Culture is held in Mary and encompassed many and varied activities.

Last year, it is implemented a uniform electronic library system project, which brings together 76 of the central libraries of the capital cities and other regions of the country. The system allows us to serve more than 600 thousand readers, and the technical possibilities of the complex server register up to 11 million records stored copies.

The cycle of events of the year, aimed at the preservation and promotion of spiritual heritage, continued Folklore Festival "Echo of continuity", the final round of which was held in early August in Turkmenabat. The finalists of the showcasing, organized by the experts of the Office of the intangible cultural heritage demonstrated genre and stylistic diversity of music and song art of Turkmens.

The cycle of events of the year, aimed at the preservation and promotion of spiritual heritage, continued the Folklore Festival "Echo of continuity", the final round of which was held in Turkmenabat in early August. The finalists of the show have been organized by the experts of the Office of the intangible cultural heritage, demonstrated genre and stylistic diversity of music and song art of Turkmens.

The festival «Dünýädolan dessanym» started the same month. The results of the contest dedicated to the art of performance of destans are announced in Dashoguz region in early November. The festivity palette of September included a concert of winners of creative artists’ review of the national instrument - tuyduk. The summing up the results was held in Mary region. In September it was also held a contest of folklore experts. Its members are included the young citizens of Turkmenistan who demonstrated knowledge of proverbs and sayings, tongue twisters and riddles.

It is a vivid evidence of the world’s interest in spiritual treasure of our nation which demonstrates the fact of the IX Ashgabat meeting of Asian Committee of "Folk tales’ art" held in Ashgabat on 3 August, which includes the five states of Central Asia and the Republic of Korea.

On the expansion of the Turkmen-Japanese partnership in the humanitarian field work aimed at the work of Japanese cultural and educational center, opened at the International University of Humanitarian Sciences in early October. In the context of promoting bilateral cultural dialogue it should be considered the interaction of the two states in the field of archaeological research and museum studies.

Thus, in the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of study and restoration of monuments of Turkmenistan between Miho Museum of Japan and Ministry of Culture of our country, the parties signed an agreement to start a joint work on the restoration of monuments of Kunya Urgench.

In 2016, we completed the restoration work on the medieval caravanserai of Dayakhatyn in Lebap and architectural complex Ismamut-ata in Dashoguz region. In the second decade of August in the Museum of Fine Arts held a ceremony for the completion of the restoration of the mosaic of the XV century with the facade of the mosque Seyit Jamaladdin in Anau. This project started three years ago, is successfully implemented by experts of the Museum of Fine Arts and the State Academy of Fine Arts.

The autumn archaeological season in 2016 brought good news: in the course of the joint Turkmen-French and Turkmen-Russian expedition in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Abiverd" in a complex of which consist of the world-famous monuments of proto-urban civilization Namazga Depe, Altyn Depe, Ulug Depe Gara Depe. It found numerous findings that shed light on the history of ancient settlements.

Among the artists dedication to the 25th anniversary of independence is the event jointly conducted in the September 24-25 by the Ministry of Culture and the Austrian-Turkmen Society. First of all is the Viennese Ball. It is a bright spectacular campaign took place in Ashgabat the third time, uniting the Turkmen and Austrian musicians, singers, representatives of choreographic art.

In early November, Ashgabat hosts an international scientific conference "The role of epic Georogly” in world culture". The forum attended the representatives of the international scientific community - the heads of the major cultural centers, historians, art historians, linguists and literary critics from 15 countries.

In the framework of the International Festival of the Turkic culture held in two cities of the Republic of Korea –Seoul, and Kwangju in November, held concerts of Turkmen artists, the movie screening of Turkmen movies and on November 13, it was held the Day of Turkmenistan, the programme of which includes the exhibition of museum values and decorative and applied arts.

Among held in December, the final event in the cultural-humanitarian sphere - a ceremony of contests of the mission in the city of Dashoguz as the cultural capital of the CIS 2016 and CIS countries concert singers.

At the end of the Year of honoring the heritage, the transformation of the Fatherland in the State Museum of Cultural Center was presented an updated and supplemented expositions of halls dedicated to the history and culture of the Middle Ages. This brilliant millennium in Europe is by no accident called the Eastern Renaissance. One more innovation of the museum gallery of portraits of prominent scientists is orientalists and archaeologists who have made great contribution to the study of the history of Turkmenistan. This is the first stage of the long-term transitions of programs of the museum at the international standards level.

The palette of events in December 2016 is flowering of diverse and rich cultural program of Christmas events. It is included the series of solo performances of pop stars and popular foreign Turkmen singers and musicians, a joint concert of teachers and students of the Turkmen National Conservatoire with the well-known American musicians, performances of the participation of the Egyptian animal trainer in the arena of the Turkmen State Circus.

Traditionally, on the eve of the New Year holiday in the capital city it is held the final round of the youth song contest "Star of the 2016 Year ". The idea of its popular in our country contest is to attract not only familiar to the public singers and choose the best, but also to identify new original talents.

It is noted, achievements of the talented youth of our country, which has received in the past 2016 the international recognitions. It is the youngest member of the famous ensemble of violinists "Muqam" Elina Gurbanova, first time, presented Turkmenistan at the IV International musical children's festival "Melodic generations", held in the Russian capital, in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace in late May. In July, the silver medalist of the IX International Circus Festival "Echo of Asia" has become the Turkmen gymnast Selby Shihiyeva.

In 2016, Turkmenistan hosts Days of Culture of Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Days of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation. Days of Culture of Turkmenistan took place in Belarus, Iran, Romania, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

Programs of these campaigns include exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and other events familiarizing with the history of foreign audiences and modern development of our country.

The politics in cultural sphere implies and development of legislative base of this area. In particular, in 2016 it was adopted new laws of Turkmenistan on “Protection of import and export of movable values of national historical and cultural heritage”, “on cinematography”, “on people’s art work”. Thus, the politic in the field of art includes complex of measures in all directions from development of state system of stimulation up to legislative support of activities in this sphere.