Alabai – a talisman of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games

The official brand and talisman of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Games were created based on the traditional decorative patterns of the national applied arts, creatively reconsidered in modern design. In particular, the symbols of the 2017 Asian Games reflect the distinctive patterns of Turkmen carpets, national costumes and embroidery.

The talisman of the Asian Games will be everyone's favorite – alabai (Central Asian shepherd dog). A cheery, friendly puppy with the typical signs of this breed (cropped ears and tail) is depictured dressed in the national and sports costumes.

The colourful brand of the Asian Games embodies the history, culture and traditions of Turkmenistan that is steadily moving forward. A caravan passing through the Turkmen desert along the Great Silk Road, and the shapes of yurtas, the ancient monuments of the national architecture as well as the silhouettes of modern architectural sites and figures of wrestlers, bagshis playing dutar, alabai and Ahalteke horse are presented at the brand. One can see famous Turkmen melons, carpets and jewellery in some parts of the design.

The brand itself also resembles a piece of jewellery in its elegant shape, but due to its colour, it is dynamic as if is heading towards the future. The wingbeat of a Turkmen lachin – a falcon, the image of which crowns the composition, underlines the energy of the ascending movement.