Lebap velayat took up the torch of the horse marathon in honour of the Asian games

The horse marathon in honour of Asian games -2017, which started 250 days ago at walls of the state historical and cultural reserve «Old Nisa», reached Lebap velayat having passed through cities and villages of Akhal, Balkan and Dashoghuz regions.

The welcome event for 17 horsemen-participants of the marathon took place 25 kilometres from the city of Gazojak at the festively decorated arch which symbolises a joint of territories Dashoghuz and Lebap provinces. With the concert program performers, famous creative groups, bagshys acted. Mobile exhibitions of museum pieces, works of masters of national crafts and arts and crafts added special colour to the event. With the demonstrative program wrestlers -palvans, young masters who represented various sports, also acted.

For a 250-day period the changeover occurred more than 30 times. In this time horsemen of Akhalteke racers visited village Babarap of Gokdepe etrap , at the an ancient site of ancient settlement of Paryzdepe, in village Derveze in the Central Kara Kum, at the railway station Ichoghuz, have made sightseeing of Akhal velayat.

On June 20 the horse marathon reached the Balkan region which took up the torch in an administrative centre Serdar etrap, which is located not far from the historical and cultural monument Parav-bibi. The national flag of Turkmenistan, the flag of the Olympic council of Asia and the torch were then carried by participants of the marathon along the ancient channel of Uzboy, the coast of lake Mollagara, the Caspian sea, the national tourist zone "Avaza", a number of cities and villages.

The changeover in Dashoghuz velayat took place in October on the bank of Turkmen lake «Altyn asyr» in the centre of the Kara Kum. 17 horsemen visited Gaplangyr national park, the mausoleum of Ashyk Aydyng, the historical and cultural reserve "Koneurgench", the ancient fortress of Akjagala, the administrative centres of etraps and also the new village Bagtyýar zaman.

Now the relay race of horse run in honour of Asian games -2017 reached Lebap velayat. Within 100 days horsemen will visit cities and villages of the valley of the Amu Darya and see historical and cultural monuments – the caravanserai of Dayahatyn, mausoleums Astana-baba, Alamberdar, madrasah of Idris-baba where the poet and thinker Magtymguly studied, the fortress of Amul and others, natural reserves of the region and other noteworthy places and will make a voyage by the motor ship across the Amu Darya.