Turkmenistan to export more than million tons of high quality potassium fertilizers

Largest industrial complex with more than 1.4 million tons of potassium fertilizers per year is built on more than 100 hectares of Garlyk in Koytendag foothills.

Putting into operation of the ore-dressing and processing facility is planned in the end of the march. Currently, preparation to start-up of the main and auxiliary sections, the ore-dressing plant, ore and ready products warehouses, mining complex and mining facilities undergoes at construction site.

New enterprise, which is built by Turkmen and Belarusian partners, will allow not only to meet the demands of the agricultural complex of the country in ecological clean potassium fertilizers but also to export more than a million tons per year.

It is planned to produce more than 7 million tons of the ore annually. Two vertical ore mine shafts 308 and 364.5 meters accordingly were dug for these purposes. Borehole yard and mining complex is established and arranged in salt strata of the mine, where not only transport but transport tunnels for delivery miners, cargoes and equipment will be laid.

First horizontal tunnel (5 meters in height and width), connecting two ore shafts were dug using rotary combine. Taking into account, the specific of rock and geological conditions of Garlyk deposit, the chamber system of the development of mineral materials and fully mechanized extraction of productive levels were applied. Conveyor transport will be implemented for delivery of potassium ore from mine face to reception bunkers.

The specialists of “Belgorhimprom” JSC and subcontractor organizations will start stripping of potassium horizons and production of the material on the first productive horizon in the nearest future. During the first three months, the ore in the amount necessary for start—up and commissioning of floatation factory will be extracted from natural deposits to surface production complex and after, all production train for potassium chloride will be tested.

Extracted ore will be milled, mixed with water and chemical agents and delivered to floatation installation and further to solidification and separation section. The received mass will be separated from the admixtures and will be sent for filtration. Drying and granulation are the final stage of the process, after which ready fertilizers will be delivered to the warehouse.

Installation of the complexes of automated system control for technological processes is planned for optimization of the production cycle.

The training of personnel is undergoing along with the construction of surface and subsurface production complexes. Turkmen specialists master the professions for new branch of the national economy – mining and salt production industry.

Efficient use of natural reserves will make considerable contribution to the social and economic development of Turkmenistan and will guarantee significant income of foreign. currency