Osty Gala ancient settlement is one of historical monuments located in Farab etrap, Lebap Velayat

Osty settlement with 3 thousand square meters area dated by the I century A.C. is located near the village of the same name in Farab etrap. Three archaeological expeditions worked there in different years. By the artefacts found there, the scientists established that the settlement existed as a part of Kushan Empire, which occupied large territory of modern Afghanistan, Central Asia, Pakistan, India and Xinjiang during its prosperity period. The settlement had a shape of cylinder with paskha (fired solid clay) stairways from the eastern side. In case of the siege, the residents of Osty Gala made food and reserves kept in large ceramic jars. The pits in the ground were used as a storage.

The settlement was intentionally established at the elevation. In case of any threat, local residents lit the fire, which could be seen from far distance including to the population of Bitik Gala settlement located 40 km away. Teacher of two local schools No. 13 and 14 arrange the tours for the pupils, introducing unique pages of the history of the homeland to the children.

One of the residents of Osty village, history teacher of school No. 13 Bakhtiyar Babakuliyev was the initiator of establishment of local history museum. His colleagues, students and residents of the village rendered great assistance to him. The school collection includes around one thousand rare exhibits. There are ceramic and copper dishware, wooden agricultural tools, cast-iron lamps, women dresses and other among them. The enthusiasts plan to establish a section about outstanding fellow countrymen - war veterans, mothers of many children, scientists and hard workers who glorified native land and made large contribution for its prosperity.