The ARAR duet performed for Ashgabat public on occasion of the 25th anniversary of Turkmen – French diplomatic relations

The concert in Turkmen Magtumguly Music and Drama Theatre supported by the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan and the Embassy of France introduced the creation of famous duet Arar – pianist Jodyline Gallavardin and violinist Alexis Rousseau.

Jodyline and Alexis graduated Lion National Conservatory. Being students, they were united by the passion to chamber music and travelling. That is why in 2013, these two talented musicians made a duet named ARAR. The artists travelled all around European countries with the concerts but this tour is special for them as it is the first time they left Europe.

- We are a bit anxious with Alexiss, - Jodyline shared her feelings before the concert, - in Europe, our concerts had great success but we do not know how Ashgabat music lovers will meet us. We intentionally included the sonatas of Maurice Ravel and César Franck, guessing that the music of famous composers will certainly find the key towards the hearts of the audience. I and Alexis think that classical music has to be available not only to professionals but also for broad audience and that is why as a rule we choose bright but not too complex works for our performances. That makes our concerts to be more democratic.

Jodyline worried for nothing. Beautifully performed lyrical tunes were enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. Ashgabat citizens highly appreciated performance skills of ARAR duet. It was the first time for many of the listeners to know the sonata by César Franck, which reflects the traditions of French, Belgian and Viennese classical music. Load applauses were the expression of spectators’ gratitude and admiration.

- I am very proud that me and Jodyline had an honour to stand as messengers of peace for Turkmen citizens, - Alexis Rousseau said to journalists. – The music unites peoples.

There was a surprise in the final of the concert. Jodyline and Alexis included “Nar Agachy” (The Pomegranate Tree) by Nury Halmamedov in the programme of the concert. The music of Turkmen composer performed by the duet acquired new sound. It felt that the work of the greatest representative of national composer school carried away French musicians by original rhythmic sketch and melodic originality.